Dandy Don Lemon Claims Trump Saying “Merry Christmas” Is Dog Whistle For Base

Lemon and his network of heathen continue to speak negatively of Trump no matter what good he does for the American people. He just gave Americans a huge tax cut for 2018 and Lemon wants his small viewership to believe Trump is saying ‘Merry Christmas’ as a call to action for a racist base. Lemon calls it a ‘dog whistle.’

“Dog whistle,” in this context, means using a euphemism to convey a racist appeal that will only be understood by a smaller portion of the population.

Lemon claimed that Barack Obama also said Merry Christmas but Trump’s say of saying it is different and evil.

Panelist Margaret Hoover agreed:

“It is intended directly to go to that cultural base that feels other people are taking their America away from them. That’s the dog whistle of make America great again. Great from what? The people who are taking your Christmas away from you, your teddy bears away from you, whatever it is. Right, we’re going to make it great, we’re going to bring Christmas back. And that’s, you know, it’s disingenuous. It’s not true.”

Under Obama, there was a war on Christians. Whether it was overseas or here at home, Obama promoted and protected Muslims and Islam more than Christianity. Obama went out of his way to promote Islam whenever he got a chance, and many voters saw this and were disgusted.

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Trump speaks about Christmas as a way to promote it one again as a return to what Americans are used too. CNN is not happy about this so they have worked on this narrative to make it as negative as they can, but you shouldn’t fall for their Okie Doke.

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