Customer Forced Cable Guy To Have Oral Sex As He “Tried To Resist”

This is one of the crazy stories I have ever seen or heard of but I guess we have to believe it from the victim’s standpoint, right?

A cable technician was routed to a customer’s home to fix the cable wiring wins he was attacked by the homeowner, per his side of the story. The cable guy claims the suspect forced him to allow her to give him oral sex as he resisted her attempts.

Now then, something here doesn’t sound right, but I will go along with it because I wasn’t there. The technician also claimed Newsome said she would argue he was the one who forced the action if he ever alerted anyone about that incident.

That’s some foul blackmail, don’t you think?

Source: NY Post

Mildred Newsome, 47, of Fayetteville, was arrested Saturday after an investigation into the man’s accusations following an April 20 repair call at her apartment, Fayetteville Police Sgt. Shawn Strepay told The Post.

“The cable guy was there to work on her on box and while waiting for it to reset as he was sitting on a couch, she came over, grabbed his hand and forcefully placed his hand on her own breast,” Strepay said.

The unidentified technician in his 30s tried to resist Newsome’s “unwanted sexual advance,” but she persisted and performed oral sex on him, Strepay said.

Newsome then told the man that she would “turn the story on him” if he reported the alleged assault to police, saying she would tell authorities that he was the aggressor, Strepay said.

“When he was able to finally get out of the home, he did report it the same day, actually shortly after the event took place,” he said.

This is not funny, and I am not laughing, but if you could see me now, you would say what the hell was the man thinking. Run out of the house and report the woman would have been my initial thought. I wouldn’t have let it get that far to where I was dropping my jeans for this woman’s mouth.

By the way, I wouldn’t want to be identified either. According to the police report, Newsome worked at a nursing and rehabilitation center and was released from jail on $10,000 bond.

I am not saying a man can’t be sexually assaulted, but there are specific protocols and defense mechanisms men can take not to be placed in a situation like this, do you agree?

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