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CNN’s Cuomo Tried To Bait Lewandowski On Trump Haiti Statement, Then He Went Off The Rails!

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has jumped the cliff and wants some dialogue between him and the White House which is why I feel he took this approach.

Cuomo invited Corey Lewandowski onto the program to speak about Trump’s alleged statement in a private meeting that Sen. Dick Durbin raced to tell the media how the Commander-in-chief had called Haiti and Africa sh**hole countries.

As this interview started, Lewandowski tried to insert how Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue claimed they didn’t hear the President use the words Durbin claim he did and Cuomo quickly shot that down, by giving credit to Durbin and then making this statement here:

Let me tell you what’s got my antenna up, (1) It sounds just like something he would say and second, when the White House was contacted, they had an opportunity to back off this right away and they didn’t.

The interview went off the rails after that. Watch it below:

“I don’t want brown people here. Why do we gotta have all these brown people? Why can’t we have more people from Norway?”

These are the thoughts of a racially hypersensitive and deranged Trump hating dolt. Trump said nothing racist (if he said it at all), and the countries he referenced could plausibly be referred to as sh**holes, no matter the color of the people who live there.

Democrats won’t be happy until the U.S. is a bankrupt third world country. How many more unskilled people from corrupt countries with terrorist ties do we need? How many more welfare people can we absorb?

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Durbin ran to the press to cause racial trouble, and the press lies along with him. Others at the meeting don’t remember anything of the sort. It’s just race-baiting for votes. I wish he were this concerned about the homeless and poor people in this country. I along with many of you think we need to take care of our own first.

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