Cuomo Skips Harvey Relief To Talk About Climate Change; Conway Sets Him Straight

Every day in every way, I find a reason to like Kellyanne Conway more and more.

I was viewing #HarveyRelief videos I could write about when I happened about White House Counselor to the President, Conway taking on CNN’s Chris Cuomo. I saw the title of the video that Cuomo “owned” Conway so I decided to take a look and the creator of the video upload was way off.

Let me preface with this a statement that needs to be made. Cuomo is in no way a “Journalist” nor is he a “reporter.” He asked question after question, then talked over Kellyanne, when she tried to answer and even shouted at the “Interviewee.” This is his template he usually uses against Republicans, but he didn’t own her.

The focus should have been on helping those in need, and this clown wants to talk climate change. Hey, Chris, there have been hurricanes and killer storms since the beginning of time, and there will continue to be hurricanes. Kellyanne did an excellent job of putting the twit in his place.

I am proud of Conway for keeping her character in check, being shouted at and having someone interrupt you, even telling you “So what you’re saying is” and then proceeding to make stuff up, wow, you have to be impressed with Kellyanne!

Notice how all the lefty news has brought up “climate change” as a reason for the hurricane. We’ve had hurricanes for a long time. There hasn’t been one “expert” anywhere who can predict when, where, how many, or how strong they will be for any given year.

Hey, Chris, climate change did not create this Hurricane Harvey. This damage was caused by money hungry developers who built on wetlands and took down all the trees to put up buildings. They over developed, and now there is nowhere for the water to go. It’s called greed money hungry people! We have no control over mother nature, but we do have control on over development!

Mother Nature is the only true expert regarding the weather, and she doesn’t share her secret with snowflakes.

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Wayne Dupree

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