Cuomo Might Leave Twitter Too After Sekulow Destroyed Him With Common Sense!

Please Lord, keep me away from the insanity of CNN, Chris Cuomo, and Dandy Don Lemons. They are just sappers of our time and health!

The reality is mindless parrots like Chris Cuomo spout off and throw words around and pretend that something shocking and illegal happened. And no matter how far fetched it is, their core demographic, the stupid and retarded, eat it up.

Of course, what he says makes no sense at all. Of course, there is no crime. And the word parsing Dems are very careful to imply without stating outright. That is how they promulgate their lies without being liars. They are just that clever.

Sadly, useful idiots do not even know they are being used. That is why they are called useful idiots. Sad!

CHRIS CUOMO: Why would the president question the veracity of his own son’s e-mails?

JAY SEKULOW: Well, he’s not the veracity of his own son’s e-mails. Donald Trump Jr. put out the e-mails yesterday. He was transparent about that. He put them all out. The entire chain. And, so, let’s focus on what the president was aware of. Nothing. He was not aware of the meeting. Did not attend the meeting and was only informed about the e-mails very recently by his counsel.

People come on his show and say things “that ain’t true” making him a cautious, responsible and skeptical journalist. And at the top of the show, he’s defending the NYT’s story as truth. It always amuses me to observe ideology’s blindness. Cuomo can’t see the contradiction that always surrounds his words.

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Sebastian Gorka and Kellyanne Conway gut punch back at CNN while Jay Sekulow uses common sense, logic, and facts. Liberals don’t understand common sense, logic, and facts. Liberals are emotional reactionaries where facts don’t matter to their emotionally based narrative and use no sense of logic. That is the problem when arguing with liberals, you are arguing with emotional lunatics.

I’ve never seen a host whose believe in his intelligence is so far from his actual intelligence. He establishes one standard for Sekulow (“appropriate,” not illegal) and then when Sekulow turns it back around on him re James Comey, he’s stammering and just saying he doesn’t know what the law is. For someone who’s always talking about the law, he’s surprisingly ignorant of most of what he’s talking about.

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