Cruz to Univision Spanish reporter: “What I really spoke at home was Spanglish

Remember when Sen. [score]Marco Rubio[/score] called out Sen. [score]Ted Cruz[/score] for not being able to speak Spanish, well it seems Rubio was right.

During Cruz’s stop in New York on Wednesday, he was stopped by a Univision Spanish reporter who asked him question and Cruz couldn’t speak it back. Cruz said in his childhood he learned “Spanglish” as a child.” Who are you kidding? Canadians learn English and French, which is probably why he isn’t that solid.

“I have the problem of the second-generation immigrant,” Cruz said, later adding: “To be honest, what I really spoke at home was Spanglish.”

Remember the Rubio/Cruz exchange during the debate:

From USAToday:

But Wednesday offered a rare glimpse into Cruz’s past when he revealed his unease with speaking in Spanish to a Univisionreporter in New York City, as captured by Reuters.

“What would be your message for Latinos who will be watching on Univision,” the reporter asked Cruz in Spanish as the Texas senator listened intently and nodded.

“In particular, because the great majority says you’re against them, or that you’re going to hurt them?”

Cruz nodded and answered in English: “Look, our community, the Hispanic community–”

“En Español?” the reporter asked.

Cruz switched to Spanish: “I understand almost everything in Spanish, but I can’t speak as well as I’d like.”

Here is the video exchange:

I don’t know if Cruz lost points with this exchange that will be broadcasted on Univision sooner or later but one thing I do know, Rubio would have nailed it without a problem. This was a big “zero” for Cruz.

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