CRUZ FAIL! Delegates pick VP at contested convention, not the candidate

Now this puts Sen. Ted Cruz in a pickle doesn’t it?

[easy-tweet tweet=”Cruz choosing his VP this early was probably a great idea to him, but he didn’t read the rules”]Cruz chose Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina as his running mate last week as he was close to 200 delegates behind the GOP front-runner Donald Trump, and additionally over 3 million votes behind nationally. Many wondered what this was all about.

Cruz now mathematically eliminated from the first ballot is trying to win the GOP nomination through the back door on a 2nd ballot causing a contested election. Cruz choosing his VP this early was probably a great idea to him, but he didn’t read the rules.

“At a normal [GOP] convention, the presidential candidates get a roll call vote, and then the VP gets a simple voice vote. But if there’s a contested convention, things are more formal, and more than 2,300 delegates are bound to a presidential candidate for at least one round of voting, for the most part,” explained Gretchen Carlson, host of Fox News’ “The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson.”

But wait, what about the VP?

“That’s never the case for the VP.” Carlson confirmed. She continued, “All 2,472 delegates are unbound when it comes to nominating a VP—meaning they can vote for whomever they want—and it’s not tied to the presidential pick, so even if Cruz and Fiorina want to run together, one of them could end up on the ticket, leaving the other one behind.”

So what do you think about this? Was this a major blunder by the Cruz campaign not knowing these rules or do you think he’s just making up things as he goes along?

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