Crazy Tom Arnold Goes On Twitter Rant Against Trump

Tom Arnold is a has been who never was. He hasn’t done anything worthwhile since he co-starred in True Lies which came out in 1994.

Arnold is now claiming Trump beat up a woman in an elevator and there’s a tape that shows the entire incident.

Have you or anyone you know or work with ever covered up potentially damaging evidence involving Donald J Trump?

Arnold’s been talking crap about Trump for the last two years, yet he produces nothing. Either shut up and fade away like your career or give us proof. Tom rode Roseanne’s coattails for years, the only reason anyone even knows his name.

Put up or shut up. It’s that simple. Do it and get it over with. I have a feeling that we’ll hear some excuse as to why he can’t provide the info. We’ll see, or not see.

The rest of this man’s twitter exchanges are just dumb.

Back during the campaign when Obama and Clinton were trying to get the David Duke thing to stick (i.e., Trump is a racist) Tom was on twitter claiming that he had a copy of a “very damaging” tape of outtakes from The Apprentice where Trump is shown using racial slurs against all sorts of people. Of course, Arnold couldn’t produce the videotape because he signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Now there’s a tape of Trump attacking a woman amidst the Roy Moore circus?? I think Tom just needs some attention.

What do you think about Arnold? Is he just doing this to gain a response from Trump also? SHARE your opinions below in the comment section.

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