Cowboys Players Kneel In Unity Before National Anthem But Stand During Ceremony!

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wanted to stick a finger in the eye of President Trump by lashing out at the Commander-in-chief how his comments demonstrated a lack of respect for the NFL.

Excuse me, not standing for the National Anthem, which is part of the regular NFL game is even more disrespectful. Goodell needs to figure out what he’s going to do for the league as it continues to dip and further dip in the ratings.

NFL Commish Says Trump’s Divisive Comments Demonstrate Lack Of Respect For NFL

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and coach Jeff Garrett are believers in America, the flag and the red, white and blue. They have publicly stated how they are protesting the National Anthem and tonight they chose to make a statement as a team. They didn’t kneel, hide in a locker room or run away to the tunnel.

They joined together as a show of unity and stood like men. To this day, no Dallas Cowboys player has taken a knee against the anthem or American flag, Jones or Garrett wouldn’t allow that on their team. It’s bad optics for that to happen on a team that proclaims itself to be the team of America.

Jerry Jones: Any Cowboys Play Who “Disrespects The Flag” Won’t Be Allowed To Play

Am I angry they felt like they had to respond like the league over Trump’s comments, I am that but I am also happy they didn’t have players on the sidelines eating bananas, performing warm-ups, or doing things that would cause unwanted attention.

I support the Dallas Cowboys and their management. They are a step above the rest when it comes to country and patriotism. I wish other organizations had one ounce of red, white and blue blood that flows through these players but a lot of NFL Players have bought into the Colin Kaepernick lie that has spread through the league like a disease.

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