Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott Suspended 6 Games Over “Allegations”; Owner Jerry Jones Furious, Twitter Erupts!

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is furious after the National Football League handed down a decision to suspend second-year player Ezekiel Elliott over alleged domestic violence situation.

The young lady at the heart of the subject reported abuse by the running back that lasted over five days, but because her stories were deemed inconsistent, nothing was done on the matter. The NFL has chosen to make an example of Elliott and these allegations, and it’s a stiff one. Elliott will probably appeal and start the season on time but how many times has the NFL pulled back their decision even after an appeal?

The NFL decision was based on the following “were of the view that there is substantial and persuasive evidence supporting a finding that [Elliott] engaged in physical violence…on multiple occasions.” So I guess the NFL police is better than the police who investigated and didn’t find anything?

Source: Bleacher Report

If Elliott does not appeal, his suspension will begin on September 2 and be eligible to return on October 23, per the release. Schefter reported Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is “furious” with the league’s decision.

A woman who said she was Elliott’s girlfriend alleged that the NFL star abused her for five days in July surrounding his 21st birthday. She also stated he abused her another time prior to the NFL draft in 2016.

The Columbus City Attorney’s Office declined to press charges against Elliott due to “conflicting and inconsistent information.”

Garafolo obtained the letter from the league to Elliott notifying him of the suspension, which cites “photographic evidence of three instances of ‘physical force.'”

Despite the lack of legal ramifications, the NFL holds the right to punish players even without charges due to its personal conduct policy.

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