Sandmann’s Lawyer Drops This Video Against The Media — You Messed With The Wrong Kid!

This case means so much more than you know.

With the lawsuits pending against CNN and WaPo by Nick Sandmann and his legal team, these corporations are going to have to claim they either: (1) Didn’t care to report facts and destroyed this kid’s life to push propaganda or (2) They aren’t actually “news” organizations, but actually “opinion” channels used to push propaganda.

Either way, they are going to be giving this kid a ton of money at great cost to the already-pathetic reputation of their companies.

It would be great for CNN and the others to learn that they can’t slander innocent people. Great for them to learn that spreading fake news can cost them dearly. This way my children, or your children, or anyone’s children won’t be viciously and unfairly maligned.

“We plan to file a suit every few weeks or month,”  McMurthy told MacCallum Tuesday night. “At least 10 top targets in the media and individuals … Certainly we’re looking very closely at NBC, we’re looking very closely at AP, we’re looking very closely at HBO for the conduct of Bill Maher, and we’re looking at some of the people like Kathy Griffin who sent out these horrible tweets that are called doxing.”

That is the way to do it. And more people should file. Just think how much it costs a liberal to defend themselves in court. After all, they do the same to us we are simply returning the “favor.”

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Don’t settle with any of the media. Force them all into trials and let the world see the entire video and also every stinking talking head bashing this young kid. Demand not only big cash settlements but public apologies from every one of these haters, including Jim Carrey. And demand they all go through anger management and sensitivity training.

Have you also noticed how Sandmann hasn’t been seen since that one interview he did with Savannah Guthrie? So far, his family is letting his lawyer handle all the publicity. It seems he wanted no part of the spotlight, but utterly at random he was singled-out by a crackpot for harassment and then was targeted by a virtual lynch mob because they didn’t like how he smiled at that crackpot.

And it all happened while he was waiting for a bus on a class field trip. Insane! In his worst nightmares, he probably couldn’t have imagined what happened to him actually occurring. It wasn’t right, and I hope the people responsible are forced to pay.

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