It Was All A Scam! Homeless Veteran, Couple Bilked Hundreds Of Thousands From Donors

It looks like the couple that captured hearts all over the nation by allegedly helping a homeless veteran by raising over 400,000 dollars, did more than that.

Mark D’Amico and Kate McClure and now, Johnny Bobbitt Jr, the homeless veteran seemed to have all been part of an elaborate scam to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from donors.

This reminds me of people begging on the street. It used to be legitimate until people were found to be scamming everybody, hence the people that really did need the help and were homeless, were basically punished. Now we have GoFundMe basically being scammed. Now the laws will need to be created or changed from this happening again.

If proven true that these three conspired to fraudulently deprive the donors of the money, they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Greed has a way of turning something good into evil.

Source: The Independent

Initially, Mark D’Amico and Kate McClure claimed they got to know Johnny Bobbitt Jr — a homeless Marine veteran,— after he gave Ms McClure his last $20 when her car ran out of gas on the side of a freeway ramp in Philadelphia. The couple then created a fundraiser to repay the man for his warm gesture, eventually accruing donations from more than 14,000 people and surpassing over $400,000 in total.

But it was all a “fictitious story,” according to a complaint obtained by NBC Philadelphia, which said the three concocted the ruse and deceived thousands of genuinely generous people across the globe. All three are currently facing charges for withholding critical information to donors and “failing to correct their story,” the complaint read.

Mr D’Amico and Ms McClure reportedly turned themselves into authorities this week and their lawyers did not respond to requests for comment, NBC reported.

It remained unclear as of Thursday morning whether Mr Bobbit Jr had turned himself in as well.

Homeless Man Bought Her Gas With His Last $20; She Has Raised $200K For Him On GoFundMe

They disgust me. Think several times before you offer your money and “help” to strangers. This situation is why. The money should go right back to the donors since it was fraud on all ends.

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I do have a very hard time with the “GoFundMe” page. There is no control or responsibility – we have McCabe and other DOJ/FBI under indictment soliciting legal funding to the tune of millions of dollars which they have received with no strings attached. Christine Ford, who without witness/evidence, accused Kavanaugh of sexual abuse now has a million dollars from such a site.

I hope she has a good time Christmas shopping. This site should be shut down until it can be handled responsibly to serve those poor who were the original purpose. The owner of this site has fostered conditions to end up exactly as I have listed.

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