It’s Costing This Russian Mom $50K To Have Baby In America Just For Citizenship, And She’s Happy!

Russian women are following the template of Chinese women who have been coming to America for years to have babies in this country so they will have legal status.

I didn’t know Russian women were doing this, but then again it never crossed my mind that Asian women were doing this years ago in California. I admit they are using our laws, our constitution against us as a loophole for citizenship.

We need to change our laws that determine who receive US citizenship. Citizenship for babies born in the US should be based on the citizenship of the parents. If parents are of different nationality with only one parent being a US citizen, and the parents are not married, the babies citizenship will be that of the mother who is the parent having legal custody.

The child can get citizenship when and if the mother gets citizenship. That is not a perfect solution, but it will end the practice of foreigners coming to the US to have their babies here or women who come to the US to get pregnant by a US citizen and then use the baby as her path to US citizenship. This will end a lot of abuse.

Congress is the problem. Without term limits, Congress will always be America’s biggest hurdle for legislation that makes “sense.”

Source: NBC News

What they are doing is completely legal, as long as they don’t lie on any immigration or insurance paperwork. In fact, it’s protected by the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which says anyone born on American soil is automatically a citizen.

The child gets a lifelong right to live and work and collect benefits in the U.S. And when they turn 21 they can sponsor their parents’ application for an American green card.

As president, Donald Trump has indicated he is opposed to so-called chain migration, which gives U.S. citizens the right to sponsor relatives, because of recent terror attacks. And as a candidate, he called for an end to birthright citizenship, declaring it in one of his first policy papers the “biggest magnet for illegal immigration.”

So in the future, we effectively COULD have foreign nationals run for president if this isn’t stopped?

This will be addressed with the new immigration bills being negotiated, let’s pray for that change. Yes, it’s a problem but tiny in comparison to the numbers that have been flooding in from Mexico.

All Congress has to do is declare for immigration purposes illegal aliens, and non-immigrant aliens are not subject to the jurisdiction of the US. Therefore children born to them in the US are born aliens and not US citizens. End of story.

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