Cory Booker Sucks So Bad That His Own Girlfriend Was Forced Into Endorsing Him

How bad of a candidate do you have to be, that your own girlfriend refuses to endorse you?

Well, if you’re wondering you can ask Cory Booker, because that’s precisely what happened to him.

Bookers girlfriend, actress Rosario Dawson, initially refused to endorse her boyfriend who is running for the White House and polling at around 1 percent.

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Dawson told “Variety” that she wasn’t going to back any particular candidate this election.

Ha! We don’t blame her!

However, after being coaxed and likely browbeat, Dawson finally relented and said “of course” she endorses Cory.

Cory Booker’s girlfriend has reversed course after initially refusing to endorse the presidential bid of the New Jersey senator whose approval hovers around 1 percent in recent polling.

Rosario Dawson, best known for her feature on the Outkast hit “She Lives in My Lap,” first told Variety she will not endorse Booker in the crowded Democratic primary field.

“Regardless of Cory, I wasn’t going to be behind any particular candidate this election,” Dawson said. “I really just want to be behind the electorate.”

After outlets such as USA Today and the Washington Examiner highlighted her lack of endorsement, Dawson backtracked, insisting that she “of course” endorses Booker before adding that her “focus this election is on voter registration and the census.”

“For the record I, of course, endorse @CoryBooker,” Dawson said on Twitter. “Anyone writing otherwise clearly hasn’t been paying attention.” [Washington Beacon]

I mean, with an endorsement like that, how can Spartacus lose?

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