Presidential Candidate “Spartacus” Booker Just Got Embarrassed By Trump Judicial Nominee

Sen. Corey Booker is not the dumbest person on the planet, but he’s fighting for the top spot.

Identity Politics is a mental illness, do not let anyone tell you differently.

Booker was asking questions of Judicial nominee Neomi Rao when he went down the familiar road of sexual orientation. Anyone that knows Cory knows that’s his flag. That’s what he carries up the mountain and places at the top when he arrives.

Rao was taken aback to the questioning because she’s not a judge, so either Booker didn’t read up on the interviewee or his attempt to destroy a Trump judicial nominee failed miserably.

Booker: “Have you ever had any LGBTQ law clerks?”

Rao: “Senator, I’ve yet to be a judge. I don’t have law clerks.”

I truly believe had nominee Rao had been white, he would have badgered her with questions about race. Since she’s a minority herself, he tried to go the sexual orientation route and failed spectacularly.

If (God forbid) this moron ever became president, everything is going to be about race and homosexuality.

What Type Of Democratic Presidential Candidate Is Cory Booker?

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