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Booker Against Sending Illegals Into Sanctuary Cities — Trump Trying To Divide, Would Make Us Less Safe

On Sunday, Sen. Cory Booker threw a wrench into the Democratic agenda trying to humiliate President Trump. They should be back-flipping at the opportunity to show off their bonafides. I fully support the idea of sending these people where they’re most welcomed as long as they stay there and are not allowed to travel outside of their boundaries.

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Late last week, President Trump “floated” the idea of shipping illegal aliens into Democratic-led sanctuary cities and Democrat leaders lost their minds. Let’s rewind — Democrats have been moving and defending illegals into their cities for the last few years while protecting them from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, so can you see the hypocrisy.

Booker said during his interview that President Trump releasing large numbers of illegal aliens into cities would “make us less safe.” So if it is illegal for President Trump to send illegals into sanctuary cities, why do Democrats protect illegals?

To be clear, when Booker says “us” he means progressives and not conservatives. Is he fine with conservatives being “less safe.” into their cities? Nope. Just the opposite actually.

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One of the common characteristics of liberal politicians is, they have no shame. They have no honor, and they can never admit to making any mistakes. They also have an insatiable desire for attention that rivals Hollywood liberal actors. Their overwhelming egos can’t imagine a higher power than themselves. They are so ego-centric that rationality falls by the wayside.

I get his “pitting people against each other” argument, and Trump is doing an excellent job at showing their hypocrisy. However (and I only watched part of the Sunday shows and just paid half-attention at that), I wish these interviewers would give a little thought (and logic) to the interviews. For example, what would be wrong with a follow-up question to ask how/why releasing these illegals into sanctuary cities would be any more dangerous than releasing them randomly into the country?

How about these people explain to us just what they think that sanctuary cities are then., because I am under the impression that they are all about welcoming immigrants, so what is the problem with putting them all into these cities?

I can hear Booker trying to explain that as long as the population of illegal immigrants is spread evenly all over the US instead of just into sanctuary cities, the risk is spread much more evenly and therefore is minimized.

The flip side of the argument is to send these folks to those who want them most desperately, and I think it’s long overdue we should be doing just that. As long as when they get to the sanctuary city of choice, they remain there – by force if necessary.

So now the Democrats are proving themselves to be nothing but liars. A few hours ago, illegals and criminals were all they cared about, now that they can share their homes with them, they are changing their minds.

In the case of Booker, it shows you he’s is a beta male who flies on the seat of his pants using emotion, which does not make a trustworthy leader, let alone a President.



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