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Cop Who Listed Home For Sale On Suspension After Couple Find Framed KKK Application

I am shocked at a lot of responses that the police department should have suspended the police officer for actions unbecoming.

A Michigan policeman who put his house up for sale was placed on suspension after a couple found Confederate flags and a framed Klu Klux Klan application hanging in the home. The couple claimed they would have put in an offer for the house but chose not to because of the material.

Rob Mathis and his wife posted information about the house on their Facebook page, and the officer’s department chose to suspend him until an investigation could be handled.

A Michigan police officer has been placed on administrative leave after a would-be homebuyer allegedly found a framed application to the Ku Klux Klan along with Confederate flags while touring the cop’s home.

Rob Mathis, who is black, and his wife were touring the Muskegon home with the prospect of purchasing it when they allegedly found the racist paraphernalia hanging on the wall. Had it been only for the Confederate flags, Rob said he would’ve considered buying the home anyway. But the additional find of a KKK application completely dissuaded him, he said.

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“In the bedroom, right across … there was a plaque up there, all by itself,” Mathis told Fox 17. “So being nosy, I walked over there, and it was an application for the KKK. I said ‘oh no.’ I told my son, ‘don’t touch nothing.’”

Rob said he walked outside to try and calm down while he waited for his wife. [Fox News]

I agree those items are his private collection. He should be able to keep them and do whatever he wants but if he has listed his home for sale, why is that material still visible?

I’ve also watched documentaries about what is happening in Flint, Michigan and their police force, which is short-staffed and needs help. If word got out that this particular officer had this material in his house, it could make him a target, and all of his future arrests of people of color would be scrutinized.

I support the department’s decision to check into the situation, and if the officer can be cleared, then that is what should happen.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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