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Conyers To Retire Today! Endorses Family Member To Take Seat

Retire or resign it makes no difference. Rep. John Conyers’ legacy has moved from “icon” to sexual predator.

NOTE: This is an update from an earlier story not yet dropped fon social media. 

Rep. John Conyers has been in Congress longer than anyone. Rep. Nancy Pelosi calls him an icon, but his star has been tarnished after numerous allegations of sexual assault have surfaced. Once Pelosi spoke with one of the staffers that labeled a charge against Conyers, she felt it was best if he stepped down by resignation.

Conyers has decided he won’t resign but he won’t run again. Conyers will also receive a pension of over $140,00 a year.

Conyers made his announcement on a local radio show, the New York Times reported citing a relative. Other local media also reported the plans, citing sources close to Conyers.

Source: The Hill

Ian Conyers, who is a great-nephew of Conyers, told The New York Times that his great uncle’s doctor suggested a campaign would not be good for his health.

Ian Conyers, who also serves as a Michigan state senator, also told the Times that he plans to run for John Conyers’s seat in Michigan’s 13th Congressional District.

“I’m absolutely going to file for his seat. The work of our congressional district, where I come out of, has to continue,” Ian Conyers said.

“We have got to have someone who has depth and experience but also historical understanding of what it takes to fight this type of evil in Washington.”

In the interview, the state senator refused to defend the alleged actions of his great uncle.

“I stand with my uncle in terms of his belief of no specific wrongdoing,” Ian Conyers told the newspaper. “However, those things need to have their day in court.”

So the sexual predator is endorsing his son to replace him. Nepotism and corruption are strong on the left. Very strong.

I think the time has come to require every member of the US Congress and Government to wear body camera – just like police required. They can’t police themselves and hold themselves accountable so this might be the only way to go. It’s cheaper arming them with bodycams than to pay out 17 million dollars to hide sexual assault allegations and payouts.

Here’s a question for Conyers. Will he be forced to pay back taxpayer dollars spent paying off victims and flying around mistresses? If Conyers is permitted to quietly retire,

  1. He will be allowed to collect a full Senate pension and benefits, and
  2. He’ll be allowed to hold future public office: federal, state & local (including, for example, mayor of D.C.).

If he is, instead, impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate, he’ll be allowed neither: no taxpayer paid pension and benefits, and no future public office. Also, the Black Caucus should really be wondering why did the Dems just about demand Conyers resign but not Franken?

Remember convicted felon D.C., Mayor Marion Barry? He was convicted of multiple felonies, served time, but was never impeached. He returned to be re-elected mayor of D.C. a few years later. Travesty!

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