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Conway To Cuomo — I’ll Walk Away If You Talk Over Me, You Begged Me To Come On

CNN’s Chris Cuomo loves to antagonize Kellyanne Conway!

When Conway goes on CNN, she is always targeted by Cuomo who thinks he knows more than her and everyone else. He tries to overtalk and interrupt when he notices he’s getting beat on a subject.

The one thing I think is the best thing about the Trump administration is that unlike other conservative administrations, they simply don’t turn their backs and ignore the falsehoods. They call out those spreading the falsehoods, and they do it loudly and proudly, and whether I agree with the administration or not, I will always like that about them.

Source: Mediaite

It didn’t take long for the discussion to turn into a heated debate, a switch which occurred right after Cuomo’s first question, as he wondered why Republicans felt Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was mistaken concerning her account of Kavanaugh’s alleged behavior.

“You just told your audience you wanted to lay out everything you learned,” Conway shot back. “You’ve omitted cleverly a very important fact, which is Judge Kavanaugh said he wasn’t there.”

“You want to lay the blame at somebody’s feet, look no further than your Democratic friends starting with Senator Feinstein,” Conway added, referring to backlash against the lawmaker for her handling of the accusation which was made known to her months ago in a letter. “Even the Democrats are angry with her.”

“What does that have to do with the truth of the matter?” Cuomo interjected. “That’s just politics.”

Irked by the constant interruptions, Conway then threatened to walk out of the interview altogether.

“You just think you can talk over me, I’ll walk away,” she told Cuomo. “You guys begged me to come on and then you want to interrupt me. Hold on.”

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