Conway RIPS Stelter — You Confused America And Wasted Time On This Russian Collusion Story

You wouldn’t need waterboarding to get information from CNN’s Brian Stelter, he cracks easily under pressure as you will see in the video below.

CNN’s Sunday host got punked by Kellyanne Conway to reveal that he never voted for a presidential candidate, which most of us believe is a lie.

Classic. “Journalists” want to virtue signal all day by bashing Trump but then not be willing to admit who they voted for. One doesn’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure out who this miserable troublemaker voted for. We seriously joke when called CNN the Clinton News Network because they protected and defended her during the 2016 campaign.

Source: Mediaite

Conway then demanded to know “what evidence do you or anybody at CNN have” on collusion, adding that she felt the network was intentionally misleading viewers.

“You’re trying to conflate it to make America think that somehow Donald Trump didn’t win this election fairly and squarely and you know he did,” she said.

As the two continued their sparring match, Conway implied Stelter was on particular side of the political aisle, which he promptly denied, saying he’d chosen neither the Left nor the Right.

As proof of that, Conway fired back, “Well tell America: Did you vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? How did your wife vote?”

“I did not vote for president,” Stelter told Conway. “I left the spot blank of the ballot that day.”

Stelter added that it was inappropriate for her “to go around asking people who they voted for.”

Conway got Stelter to reveal who he voted for without even offering him chocolate which means he was deflecting so he could get past the question. We’re not stupid, little man. We know what you did and that won’t change our analysis of you or your network.

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Maybe CNN will call Stelter into the office and whip him a few times for failing to vote for Clinton, now that would be a significant change in events. Here’s a pressing question, how do you interview political figures or host a political show asking questions about the President when you don’t participate in the process.

Stelter told Conway he didn’t vote for anyone. I am sure you can write someone in if you wanted, so why didn’t he do that. I believe he was lying. What do you think?

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