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Contractor BUSTED With Insurance Scam Fake Fall; The Attempt Was Just Terrible!

Alexander Goldinsky, 57, of Randolph looked to the left and looked to the right to make sure nobody was watching, but he didn’t see the break room camera.

Goldinsky thought it was time to cash in with a fraudulent insurance claim on his employers, All Gold Industries. Alexander is not the first nor the last person that tries this stunt on a daily basis, but most do not get caught making a terrible attempt to defrauding the person they work for. This act alone in the video (below) was just terrible.

In the footage, Goldinsky, an independent contractor for the firm All Gold Industries, stands over the ice and looks around for a few moments before half-sitting, half toppling onto the floor.

He later filed a false insurance claim for an ambulance service and treatment for “injuries” at a nearby hospital, the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office said.

But the bad actor was busted for the scam after authorities launched an investigation into his insurance claim, officials said.

“The investigation revealed that Goldinsky purposely threw the ice on the floor in the cafeteria at his workplace, placed himself on the ground and waited until he was discovered,” prosecutor’s office said in a press release.

Source: NY Post

Goldinsky was arrested January 15th and charged with insurance fraud and theft. Andrew Carey, Middlesex County Prosecutor, said: “Fraudulent claims cost everyone and we will aggressively prosecute those who illegally manipulate the system.” Carey also said that he plans to “aggressively prosecute” Goldinsky for the “fake slip and fall.”

I didn’t laugh when I watched the video because I said to myself, how many more people are doing this and getting away with it? It’s really sad watching someone trying to make a quick buck by faking an injury.

Goldinsky has claimed that he’s innocent. Well, the videotape says something else.

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