Conservative Student “Expelled” After English Class Disagreement!!

Theodore and Sonia Mancini are planning to sue Cheshire Academy in West Hartford, Connecticut for “expelling” their son who allegedly used conservative political views in class, according to a report.

The Mancini’s claim their son Michael was “scrutinized and tormented for his conservative views on subjects, views which he defended with facts,” during an English class disagreement he had with other students.

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The teen disagreed with classmates who claimed William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” portrayed transgenderism in a positive light, saying it “was not historically accurate because up until the Twentieth Century that kind of behavior was frowned upon in England.”

Michael Mancini was expelled from the school after his father launched a website detailing his son’s treatment following the classroom incident, according to the suit.

School officials received notice of the lawsuit Wednesday, according to Jamie Sullivan, the Hartford-based attorney who is representing the Mancinis in the case.

The suit says the school broke its promises that it would be tolerant of the teen’s conservative views when it recruited him to play football, according to the paper. [Fox News]

Here’s my question, Where in the heck do these schools get off trying to shut down young conservative minds because it doesn’t coincide with their liberal beliefs? I’m telling you, people, we better start fighting this kind of mentality, as our young people are being brainwashed literally daily in these liberal high schools and colleges.

With the fascist left, you must fall in line. They demand conformance to their left-wing dogma. Leftist feel they must control your child’s mind just like Adolf Hitler did in the 1930s with the Hitler Youth. What do we get for it? The leftist indoctrination damages young minds and causes emotional instability when their dogma is challenged, and they can’t respond with rational arguments. They react with tantrums, physical assaults, and censorship. This is a mind control epidemic that’s allowed to continue. The proselytizing leftists look at the classroom as their mission field propagating their dogma while violating all principles of good teaching.

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The report also added that the student had been expelled based on a “fair process” — “this student was given several chances to adhere to our expectations and the rules and code of conduct of Cheshire Academy,” the letter said. “Contrary to what you may have read, our decision was not based on an opposition to political dialogue. We will take steps to defend the good name and reputation of CA, and will continue to work with legal counsel through this unfortunate episode.”

Being conservative, loving your family, your country and God are virtues which until recently were seen as moral and right. What the hell has happened? We, who still believe, in family, country and the right to worship if you please are going to have to become more vocal.

We are not trying to silence liberals right to believe what they want, and they shouldn’t try to silence us.

As for this situation, it’s a shame for something like that to happen to a young person, a time in your life when what your peers think of you means more than any other time in your life.




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