Congress Approval Ratings Rise With Trump And Republicans Leading The Way!

How many of you common sense Americans watched Congress approval numbers dip to historic lows when Democrats were in charge?

Do you remember how they spinned the bad numbers? It was because the Republicans were not agreeing to the BS the Democrats were trying to push through Congress.

Now that things have changed and the parties are going in opposite directions, Republicans are looking more professional and the situation has moved from grim to optimistic.

This is one thing you can’t give Barack Obama credit for and that is Trump’s tireless efforts and work ethic to get things moving and Congress along with him.


Milton Friedman said that we get good government not by hiring the best people for every position, but by incentivizing average people to do the right thing. A doubled approval rating for Congress may go far in stifling whiny opposition from Republican congressmen.

From Gallup:

Congressional job approval jumped to 28 percent this month from 19 percent in January. This is the largest month-to-month increase since a 12-percentage-point rise between January 2009, when former President Barack Obama was first inaugurated, and February 2009. The current 28 percent job approval rating is the highest since early fall 2009 and is close to Gallup’s historical average (30 percent).

The increase in congressional job approval in February is mainly the result of a surge in Republicans’ approval, which more than doubled in the past month, to 50%. Independents’ approval increased slightly to 25%, and Democrats’ approval dropped eight points to 11%.

This mirrors the pattern seen in February 2009 after Obama took office and gave Democrats control of Congress and the presidency. Democrats’ approval rose from 18% to 43% between January and February of that year, while Republicans’ approval fell by four points. Independents’ approval rose from 17% to 29%.


But even though things are moving up, do not trust the leadership for one second. They are not 100 percent on board with Trump’s vision and you have to know this before praising these numbers. Let’s give it a few more months while remember to hold them accountable.

What do you think about these numbers and how will they affect you going forward?

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