Complete Video of Obama’s 2007 “Other Race Speech” – Praises Jeremiah Wright Less than a Year before He Threw Him Under the Bus

This is the complete video via The Daily Caller. They have a full write-up on the video as well:

Here is the complete video of the speech Barack Obama delivered at Hampton University in 2007, in which Obama essentially set forth his views on race in America – but with a very different accent and tone than the one he delivered in 2008 when he threw his pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, under the bus. In this speech, he praises Jeremiah Wright, less than one year before he threw him under the bus for political expediency.

Much of what he says mirrors Jeremiah Wright’s view of a racist America, views Obama disavowed as if he had no idea Wright held such views. I believe that’s the usefulness of this video. It shows how two-faced and disingenuous Barack Obama is. The man he praised highly, and proudly called his pastor one minute, he rejected less than a year later. Who is the real Barack Obama?

Via Daily Caller

Wayne Dupree

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