Company Who Denied Jobs To Women With “Ghetto” Names Apologizes — Claims They Were Hacked

What is sad about this story is that some people’s prejudice claimed this story was fake news.

The original story claimed two young ladies were denied a job because their first names sounded “ghetto.” It turns out it was three women that were mistreated by a hacker. The company, Mantality, has contacted local law enforcement officials about the breach and have filed a report.

[Two Qualified Black Women Couldn’t Get Hired — Told Their Names Were “Ghetto”]

As I stated again, I have two daughters, and if this happened to my babies, I would be incensed. If you want to question some fake news, maybe you should review the company and this hacker?

Source: Riverfront Times

According to Meuret, the unknown hacker not only targeted black women, but also Mantality employee Jordan Kimler, whose name was manually entered in the signature-field of the messages.

“For some reason it was a personal attack on her,” Meuret says. “I’m deeply upset that her name was tied to something that disgusting. Anyone associated with her knows that doesn’t match with anything she’s said.”

Since discovering the breach, the company has filed reports with the Chesterfield Police and St. Louis County’s cyber crimes division. He also says that he’s waiting for to provide the IP address of whomever managed to gain access to the company’s account. The IP address could provide clues showing who accessed the account at the time the messages were sent.

Meuret says that Mantality is attempting to contact everyone who received the emails from the account. But the reaction from the public has already resulted in a wave of angry callers and negative online reviews.

Meuret says he feels terrible for Robinson.

I was furious when I saw reactions from supposed sane and logical individuals. These young women didn’t deserve this.

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