Companies Remove NRA Member Discounts As They Run From The Fight

I didn’t become an NRA life member to get discounts, but now I have a list of company’s I will never do business with again.

Businesses are running from the fight to defend the leading 2nd amendment organization known as the National Rifle Association because they feel their companies will be hurt if the liberal media puts a magnifying glass on them and their practices.

Even with more evidence racked up against the local system that failed to protect the kids at Florida’s Parkland school, the students continue to rail against the NRA as if they feel the shooter was a member and they need to be disciplined.

We all know there have been no mass shootings at NRA conventions or gun stores or anywhere that allows concealed carry, but try and tell that to socialists and it flies over their heads.

Source: Fox News

In the wake of the Florida school shooting, several social media users pressured companies listed as working with the NRA on discounts and other programs to drop their affiliation.

Initially, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and First National Bank of Omaha – which sponsored an NRA-related credit card – cut ties with the Virginia-based gun rights and safety organization.

Avis Car Rental, Allied Van Lines, Budget Rent-A-Car, Chubb, Delta Airlines, Hertz Rent-A-Car, MetLife, North American Van Lines, TrueCar, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Symantec and United Airlines all later cut ties as well.

“This is the list of companies that don’t believe in freedom of thought or freedom of expression,” Tony Katz said.

Katz called for viewers to “study that list” and realize that the companies are effectively saying “how dare you think differently.”

When a company pulls their NRA discount, what it does is shows us who do not support the Second Amendment, and thus, shows who I will not patronize. I will “vote with my money.”

The discounts mean nothing but let’s see how bad they need the business from the millions of NRA members lets just do our business elsewhere.

Americans need an alternative to the mainstream media. That’s why we exist. Donate $10 today and help us continue to fight!

It’s their loss, and most think it’s a bad business decision boycotting the NRA. Five million members strong, and then on top of that, 80 million other gun owners who see this as an affront – even as non-members? It’s going to backfire on the businesses who want to run from a fight. It signals they are “anti-second amendment,” and we need to boycott them.

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