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Community Comes Together To Help Provide For Missouri Family With No Heat!

Jessica was trying to do the right thing for her family, but sometimes you need help, and that comes in the form of strangers.

Jessica Harvey, her husband, and seven kids huddled around a heater to protect themselves from subzero temperatures. Jessica told WDAF-TV; “I just hope we don’t freeze, we don’t get frostbite and that no one gets overly sick.”

Think about this scenario. The tenants pay their rent on time, but the landlord provides substandard housing in exchange. In America, in 2019 it takes major negative media attention for the little guy to garner enough power to make the corporate titan do the right thing. America is screwed. One thousand journalists got laid off last week. What happens when there are no more journalists to speak truth to power?

I am so glad they got help, and they are fixing and repairing their home. It is sad that it took the company being put on blast to do what they are supposed to do though.

The Missouri mom said her family moved into their current rental home in 2015.

Admittedly, Jessica said she fell behind on rent payments, adding a cervical cancer diagnosis in 2017 contributed to her financial issues. However, she told WDAF that she’s been making the reduced payments agreed upon by her leasing company. She’s reported the broken furnace and leaky pipes but no one has come to repair them.

The family’s “heartbreaking” story spread throughout the community after it aired on WDAF Monday night.

The next day, the Harveys were overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers.

“So many people saw the story … and just started knocking on my door and reaching out to me on Facebook,” Jessica told the news station, “Some wanted to bring us blankets. Others food, and one lady said she could help us get into a new home.”

No heat, no hot water and no help from their landlord.Since FOX4 shared their story, dozens of people have stepped in…

Posted by FOX4 News Kansas City on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

When is the community going to “take care” of the landlord that is allowing this to happen? The way I understood this story – this was not due to family not paying the bill.

There are so many bad people in the world, but whenever people know of someone needing assistance, many, many will come forward to help. Thank goodness there are still many Good Samaritans.

God is good he watches over his children.

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