Comey To Testify In Front Of Congress On Russia Election Findings! Trump Addresses Supporters on Twitter

Today’s briefing by FBI Director James Comey should center around whether or not there is evidence that Russia involved itself in our elections to help Donald Trump.

Supporters of President Trump will flatly deny this association while Democrats who don’t know how to cope with Hillary Clinton losing with everyone including the media establishment and even voting machines behind her.

What I find appalling is how the Department of Justice submitted Trump Administration wiretapping findings to House Investigations on Friday and nobody is really talking about it.

President Trump addressed the committee hearings earlier this morning on Twitter:

If Comey told me my pants were on fire, I would not believe him till I had 3rd-degree burns. Look how he laid out the perfect cause for an indictment against Killary, and then just let her go.

It is my belief that nothing Comey ever says, in the aftermath of the e-mail debacle, can be trusted, or considered to be legally objective. I hope the Clintons paid him well because one should get a pretty penny for one’s integrity. It can never be repurchased.

Wikileaks said it wasn’t the Russians anyway and they have proven themselves to be more truthful than the so-called, “intelligence” agencies.

Here are some voters who are responding to Comey pre-testimony:

Comey should have been fired day one of the Trump Presidency. How can he be trusted looking at his history? He covered up the Vincent Foster murder for the Clinton’s and has been their lacky ever since. He protected Hillary from prosecution when anyone else on the planet would have been indicted for what she did. Now we are supposed to believe he is honest and unbiased when he talks about Russians hacking the election?

If anyone on here ever believes that America voted for Donald Trump because of Russia, then you must be a snowflake. A melted one. Hillary and Bill sold Uranium to the Russians who in turn created nuclear weapons and also sell it to other third world countries. Why is Hillary allowed to sell Uranium to Russia? Who is in bed with the Russians? Bill sold one of our prototype missile systems to China. Who is anti-American? Hillary used an unsecured server, tried to cover it up, and America was led to believe she had no intent. What a duped bunch of brainwashed zombies/snowflakes.

Each day President Donald Trump is being proven right. There was a FISA court order to surveil Trump tower. Instead of profiling, keeping better tabs on Muslims who sponsor terror and closing our borders from Mexicans, Obama was spying on an innocent man. Obama should be prosecuted.

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