Comey’s Associate: “He’s Willing To Testify, But Wants It To Be In Public”

According to the NY Times, a close associate to former FBI Director James Comey said he would rather testify in public, not behind closed doors.

Last night, media sources reported how Comey didn’t want to sit in on a congressional meeting next week in Washington, DC. We are learning now he didn’t want to do it in secret, he would rather it be done publicly. I am sure Congress can make that happen but there is no timetable for that.

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I even got caught up with the story that I was getting that Comey wouldn’t testify but there was

Comey Says “NO” Senate Intel Committee Meeting; Democrats, Media Lose Again!

Comey doesn’t want to be put in a room with snakes even though I have questions about his actions while he was the director. I would think everything would be on the table for him including why he allowed Hillary Clinton to go free. That could be interesting.

Source: NY Times

Although ousted FBI Director James Comey declined a request to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee behind closed doors, a close associate tells the New York Times “he is willing to testify, but wants it to be in public.”

I think it would be great to see Comey up there because this means some FBI agents are going to leak things to Republican lawmakers and he will be on the hot seat to answer it.

When you have conspiracy theorists who try to use Twitter and use (unknown source or FBI source) to bolster their own status, you will see tweets like this with no follow-up.

Research the truth and ask for specifics before retweeting stuff like this as it only hurts our side and creates conspiracy narratives. If they can’t provide you with anything, move on.

What do you think of the possibility of Comey testifying? What will he say? Share your opinion below in the comment section.

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