Benjamin Wittes (Comey’s Friend) Claims Responsibility For Leaking Memo To NY Times

Benjamin Wittes has claimed full responsibility for leaking the James Comey memo to the New York Times and he didn’t stop there according to the Conservative Treehouse.

One thing we must remember is that Comey has stated publicly that President Trump never interfered with his investigation so Witts is making a huge gamble here in doing this. Comey is supposed to testify next Wednesday in front of the House committee, which I am not sure he has accepted that invitation.

Wittes claims he is Comey’s friend and laid out Comey’s alleged feeling about Trump in an article. Here’s an excerpt below.

Source: Conservative Treehouse

Yesterday, a friend of James Comey by the name of Benjamin Wittes, editor and writer for lawfare blog, now steps out and admits he was one of the primary sources for the New York Times Comey Memo article (Michael Schmidt); and in so doing outlines the severity of the political nature of the former FBI Director:

[…] I called Schmidt Friday morning after reading his earlier story, which ran the previous evening, about Comey’s dinner with President Trump and the President’s demands at that dinner for a vow of loyalty.

[…] I did this interview on the record because the President that morning was already issuing threatening tweets suggesting that Comey was leaking things, and I didn’t want any room for misunderstanding that any kind of leak had taken place with respect to the information I was providing.

[…] I insisted that Schmidt record the conversation and give me a copy of the recording, so that we had a good record of what was said.

[…] Comey understood Trump’s people as having neither knowledge of nor respect for the independence of the law enforcement function. And he saw it as an ongoing task on his part to protect the rest of the Bureau from improper contacts and interferences from a group of people he did not regard as honorable.

This was a general preoccupation of Comey’s in the months he and Trump overlapped—and the difference between this relationship and his regard for Obama (which was deep) was profound and palpable. (read full article)

So how did this guy get Comey’s memos exactly? Makes you wonder how many other leaks that were detrimental to the Administration came from Comey’s friend. Someone should ask this clown if he ever leaked unmasked names of Trump’s People gathered from the NSA or any other governmental Intelligence agency forms of electronic surveillance?

If The Comey Memo Is Real, He Could Face Prosecution Charges!!!

Do I believe there was a memo? Nope. Not until I see it and it would be a stretch for me after that too. If there is a memo, Comey could be prosecuted.

We have major conspiracists on our side who use Twitter for their personal pleasure to lie to their followers and parade around as if they know things they really don’t know jack, and that hurts real truth tellers later on down the line. These sorry sacks of filth have been projecting Dina Powell as the leak of the memo but as we will check below, it’s not true.


What do you think of Wittes? Do you think he’s telling the truth about the memo? Is the memo even relevant to the investigation into Russia? Share your feelings about that below in the comment section.

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