Report: James Comey Secretly Sent an FBI Agent to the White House to Get Dirt on Trump

I think it’s well known now that James Comey is a lying two-headed snake, who will exploit any situation for his personal gain.

But this latest report sheds a new light on Comey that makes him look even more conniving.

According to sources, James Comey underhandedly sent an FBI agent to listen in on Michael Flynn and Trump during a routine security briefing.

Unbeknownst to both Trump and Flynn, that FBI investigator memorialized that briefing, which included exchanges with Flynn and Trump, in an official document that was added to the Crossfire Hurricane case file probing the Trump campaign over unsubstantiated and ultimately discredited charges of Russian collusion.

The FBI file documenting the August 2016 briefing describes two questions asked by candidate Trump as well as comments from Trump and Flynn and exchanges with the briefer from the FBI who was not identified to either Trump or Flynn during the briefing as working on the Crossfire Hurricane team probing Flynn and other members of the Trump campaign.

James A. Baker, the former FBI general counsel, conceded that the briefer “was there on the off chance that somebody said something that might be useful.” [Breitbart]

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Well, that “something” could’ve been the very thing that the FBI used against Flynn during their investigation.

This means the FBI’s controversial Crossfire Hurricane probe team investigating members of the Trump campaign not only directly interfaced with Trump and Flynn without telling them but also recorded their comments in the official case file.  Flynn at the time was already a target of the FBI probe.

Moreover, the FBI investigator who conducted the briefing says that he used the occasion as an opportunity to study Flynn’s behavior and mannerisms just in case the FBI needed to eventually conduct a subject interview of Flynn. Indeed, the same investigator himself was the FBI agent who conducted an in-person FBI interview with Flynn on January 24, 2017 in connection with the FBI’s investigation of Flynn. [Breitbart]

These are some incredibly dirty tactics and it’s no wonder that Trump doesn’t trust the FBI.

Clearly, they’ve been out to get him from the get-go.

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