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Popular Television Comedian Who Played President Just Became President Of Ukraine — For Real!

Well, what do you think about that?

Volodomyr Zelenskiy, a popular television comic, who has no experience as a politician other than playing a president on TV, has been elected the new president of Ukraine. He’s also Jewish, which sort of blows up the Russian propaganda narrative that the Ukrainians have all turned into Nazis.

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Zelenskiy is a comedian, writer businessman and owner of a sophisticated and successful media company with 3,000+ employees and multi-million dollar contracts in multiple countries. American Fake News media censors this fact, no doubt following the marching orders they receive from their parent corporations.

A comedian who plays an inexperienced president on Ukrainian TV looked poised to reprise the role in real life after an exit poll indicated he received nearly three out of every four votes cast in a runoff election Sunday. Results from the exit poll released Sunday after voting stations closed showed Volodymyr Zelenskiy receiving 73.2 percent of the nationwide vote, President Petro Poroshenko 25.3 percent.

If borne out by election returns, the overwhelming victory by Zelenskiy would stand as a crushing rebuke to Poroshenko’s five years in office and a verdict on the country’s deep-seated corruption, sickly economy and grinding war against Russian-backed separatists in the country’s east that has killed over 13,000 people.

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While official returns had yet to be released, Poroshenko accepted defeat, saying: “I am leaving office, but I want to firmly underline that I am not leaving politics.”

Zelenskiy, for his part, vowed after the release of the exit polls: “I promise I will never let you down.” And he suggested that his apparent victory could be a model for other former Soviet states that want to move forward from ossified politics. [CBS News]

I do not know that much about Volodymyr but if the people of Ukraine believe in him, who cares what I think. I think it’s a great wake-up call capitalized with words YOU LOST for the political elite in Ukraine and the political elite all over the world. Not just me but many across this globe we inhabit together believe our “leaders” are a bunch of deadbeats who are corrupt with power.

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The whole world is sick and tired of professional politicians. Now let’s sit back and watch how the worldwide “swamp” attacks Zelenskiy like it has Trump.

Congratulations to Zelensky. And if he goes back to comedy someday, think of all the material he’ll have to draw from his political campaign and experiences in government.

We need to vote all political people out of their office seats and put some normal people with common sense in office. I am 50 and tired of all the broken promises politicians tell. If people want term limits, then mandate that the people running for office who hasn’t been in office before will vote to make that happen!




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