Comcast Using Your Home Wifi for Neighborhood Hotspots; Being Sued

Comcast is trying to compete with major cell phone carriers by creating a public Xfinity WiFi Hotspot network in 19 of the country’s largest cities. The company is activating a second high-speed Internet channel broadcast from newer-model wireless gateway modems that residential customers lease from the company. It plans to spread to 8 million hotspots by the end of the year.

The secondary signal is supposed to be separate from the private Wi-Fi channel customers use, and it is intended for houseguests or Comcast subscribers who happen to be in range and using mobile devices.

Comcast is one of those exquisitely EVIL companies that deserves to be shut down and the management jailed for life. They have no respect for the law or their customers and will do anything for a buck, legal or illegal. The whole idea of turning customer routers, which they charge the customers for, into your company servers (thus renting the locations and getting the power for FREE) is so immoral but so typical Comcast.

Never, ever have anything to do with these crooks! BTW, they own MSNBC, and NBC Universal.

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Wayne Dupree

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