Colorado 21 delegates have said they would back Cruz but here is what other websites won’t tell you!

Sen. [score]Ted Cruz[/score] just picked up a majority of Colorado delegates as expected but they do things very differently in that state than other states already voting.

From Associated Press:

Sen. Ted Cruz continued his Colorado winning streak Friday, locking up the support of 21 total delegates to the Republican National Convention, representing a majority of the delegates Colorado will send to Cleveland in July.

Slates loyal to Cruz won every assembly in Colorado’s seven congressional districts, which began April 2 and culminated Friday with 12 delegates selected. The Texas senator is well-positioned to pad his total Saturday, when 13 more delegates will be chosen at Colorado Republicans’ state convention.

Of Cruz’s delegates, only 17 were formally pledged to him, and in theory the other four could change their vote in Cleveland. But they were all included on the senator’s slates and are largely state party officials who said they were barred from signing a formal pledge for Cruz but have promised to back him in balloting at the convention.

Colorado was entirely chosen by establishment sell-out politicians, of course, they chose to back Sen Ted Cruz. Remember, a lot of big establishment names are behind the scenes for Cruz this election journey, but his followers and supporters do not want to hear it.

Cruz supported a 500% increase in H1B visas to cheapen skilled labor in the U.S., he supports sweeping amnesty to make the hordes of millions of illegals cheapening our job markets permanent, and he advocated the TPP allowing even MORE U.S. to be sent overseas to slave-wage & pollution-friendly countries, leaving even MORE U.S. citizens unemployed & underemployed.

The establishment sell-out politicians on both sides of the aisle are actively prostituting themselves out to the globalist oligarchy, turning political tricks on K-Street and engaging in all kinds of unmentionable acts for a few shekels a throw.

Of course, they don’t want Trump interfering when their business is so good. Want a little bit of truth? Cruz is not electable, period. He will never, repeat, never, win over independents who are crucial in the general election.

Cruz would be more suited for the Supreme Court. At the end of the day, the three candidates will all kiss and make up but that won’t happen anytime soon.

Without the formal pledge, Trump or Kasich could swing in and woo them away from Cruz. Nobody knows what will happen until the GOP convention but for now this is all water paint. If Trump gets to 1237 before the July dance this is all moot.

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h/t – Associated Press

Wayne Dupree

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