College freshman triggers Pelosi over ‘crumbs’ remark; This is GOLD!

Georgetown University is known for its liberal academics. But listening to this young man take down Rep. Nancy Pelosi was true magic.

Nancy Pelosi thought that she was walking into a friendly environment at Georgetown University during a Townhall where she was taking questions. Socialist representatives only take questions from friendly environments.

You won’t see anyone from the Socialist Democrat party taking any questions from anyone at a Christian college because they don’t want to be embarrassed like the former House Speaker was in the video below.

The freshman in the video called out Pelosi “crumbs” comments which described her feelings about Trump’s GOP tax cuts, which allowed Americans to keep more of their money

Source: NTK Network

“You’ve spoken about the effects of the Republican tax plan, specifically referring to its effects on average Americans as crumbs,” the student said. As the son of small business owners, I know that it’s helped my parent hire more employees. It’s helped us pay off our mortgage, helped put me through college.”

“Would you still refer to the effects of this tax plan on average Americans as crumbs?” the student asked.

“Yes there are some benefits that some are feeling in a particular way,” Pelosi said. “My statement was really a fuller statement that says while they provide a banquet for the top one percent, they are giving some crumbs to other people.”

Pelosi continued to defend her “crumbs” comments for several minutes, and told the student that the economics behind the Republican tax law are “BS.”

I have to give that young man credit for standing up against the former speaker and asking this question and not backing down.

DID YOU READ THIS: [Hoyer confirms Dems will take Trump tax cuts away from working Americans]

We have to fight to keep the Republican majority in both the House and the Senate, or the tax cuts are going to be erased, and many Americans will lose their jobs as the Democrats will fight to make the country dependent on the government again.

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