College Female Hospitalized After….Digesting Tide Pod Sample!

I’ve heard of washing your mouth out with soap, but this is ridiculous. I have yet to see a college that offered classes on “common sense,” why is that?

A college-aged woman eats liquid laundry soap? College women I know are all about their independence, feminism, etc. I suspect drugs and/or alcohol played a large role in this. So this is the benefit of a higher education? What next? Crayon eating 401 with a prerequisite of Tide Pod eating 301 and window licking 201.

Manufacturers can do a lot to minimize small children from ingesting their products. There is nothing they can do to counter the sheer stupidity of college-age students misusing their products.

This is the future of our country? A college student eating detergent, unbelievable1 What scares me most about this, is that these people are voting. I say let natural selection take its course!

Source: Fox News

Campus police initially called the incident a “Tide Pod overdose,” but Eric Warren, director of media relations at USU, told FOX 13 Salt Lake City the female student ingested a Tide Pod.

Warren said it was unclear what motivated the student to ingest the Tide Pod while in on-campus housing, but added, “For students and members of our university who are feeling overwhelmed, we have services available. There are people here to talk to you.”

The female student was taken to a local hospital, but details about her condition were not immediately available.

Should call it the “herd thinner challenge.” If you get an idea because you heard babies were doing it and dying or getting sick, then it’s a bad idea. Switch it up and try Finish dishwasher packs. Let’s see what’s more toxic.

Doctors have had to warn people not to eat the laundry pods, can you believe that. The boxes usually have a disclaimer to keep away from children, now do we need one to keep away from college students?

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There have been numerous social media posts with videos of late that have these idiots, and I am using the term loosely, putting these dangerous cleaning pods in their mouths for clicks on video platforms. Maybe the law of the land should reign down on these platforms and fine them for each video uploaded if they don’t take action to remove the action.

These kids are just doing anything for attention, and that is a definite warning of how their home life is lacking.

Someone give these young adults something to do in the community to keep them involved, or they could hurt themselves.

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