CNN’s Panel Have Tense Exchange Over Kimmel Politicizing Obamacare!

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel used his infant son’s brush with death to politicize Republicans repealing Obamacare last night and it was a low blow.

Kimmel is a rich individual so he wouldn’t have had a problem in getting his child taken care of, but that’s not what he portrayed. Kimmel tried to force his viewers to look on him as a man of the people but even his story was incorrect. Before Obamacare, his son would have been seen by any hospital across the country.

Source: Mediaite

During a panel discussion this evening, CNN political commentator Matt Lewis took what could kindly be labeled as the unpopular position of criticizing Kimmel’s widely applauded remarks.

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“I completely understand where Jimmy Kimmel is coming from, the passion I think is sincere,” Lewis noted. “I don’t think that this is the right move for him to do — to politicize this. This is a guy who is incredibly rich, of course. He is not going to have a problem.”

After fellow panelist Ryan Lizza jumped in, stating that Kimmel was making a “moral point,” Lewis sarcastically commented that that’s the reason he tunes into Kimmel’s show.

Watch the tense exchange here:

Kimmel did politicize it and many liberal viewers got caught up in the baby part and didn’t think clearly about how things would go in reality. Kimmel sold his part like a great actor and even got a tweet from Barack Obama later this afternoon.

I bet that made Jimmy’s day. Kimmel’s baby had a better chance than most because he had the monetary means, no matter how many tears he used on stage. One of the panel members was saying Kimmel wasn’t talking about himself but most of us who learned of it and watch is on social media knew he was talking about himself.

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