CNN’s Kate Bolduan Just Got TORCHED BY Corey Stewart About Defending ANTIFA; She Tells Him To Stop Talking

There’s so much in this interview to speak about, and I want to hit the high points before you watch the video below, and this needs to be said.

CNN’s Bolduan got so many things wrong in this interview, and you wonder how she is still allowed to sit behind the desk and interview anyone on television. She doesn’t know the facts, and she tried to confused Corey Stewart throughout the interview because she didn’t have a handle on the facts.

  1. Kate started out trying to shame Steve Bannon on his description of the far-right as clowns, fringe, and losers. The answer to this is yes. The far-right has its lunatics just like the left, and if they are that extreme, they should be called out. I would agree with Bannon.
  2. Kate associates White Supremacy with White Nationalist in speaking about Jason Kessler, the event coordinator from Charlottesville.
  3. Stewart reminded Bolduan some people were there at the beginning who were there because they didn’t want the monument to be removed and they aren’t part of any hate group.
  4. Bolduan tried to change the subject from monuments to swastikas and Stewart pushed back when he called out alt-left ANTIFA starting the violence in Charlottesville which made her pivot.
  5. Stewart said he didn’t agree with the statements of the Neo-Nazis “Jews will not replace us” but Bolduan didn’t HEAR him and took the conversation into another place
  6. Bolduan is tried throughout the interview to force the narrative on how this wasn’t about monuments any more, and it’s about Neo-Nazis
  7. When Stewart brings up the VIOLENT LEFT, Bolduan tries to pivot from that and asks “what about the violent right?” Stewart has already condemned them, but Bolduan is playing defense for her network and Democrats.
  8. She tried to pin Stewart down associating him with Kessler at an event in February. She called out racist quotes from Kessler who also supported Obama and Stewart told her he didn’t know he said those things until after the event.

You can watch the rest of this below:

Bolduan is a terrible interviewer and wasn’t prepared to talk about this subject with Stewart. Her pivoting, bad attitude, disrespect and nonsensical quotes are at the forefront of this bad interview. I commend Stewart for keeping his cool throughout.

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