CNN’s “Fake News” Warrior Brian Stelter Has “136K Fake Twitter Followers”

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CNN’s tough guy Brian Stelter, who has gone after Sean Hannity on numerous occasions about fake news is a major cheat. His twitter account boasts over 413K followers for a guy who works for CNN should be a red flag in the first place but when checked using Twitter Audit, he has 136,000 fake followers. Now that’s huge!


From True Pundit:

We’ll make this short. Just like CNN’s future

Brian Stelter, who rants all day on social media and when they allow him on television about alleged “fake” news published by conservative web sites, has between 138,000 and 236,000 phony followers on Twitter alone, according to two prominent Twitter audit sites. estimates roughly 40 percent of the self-appointed fake news Czar alleged followers are as legitimate as Big Foot or unbiased news coverage from Big Media. But that doesn’t stop his employer from providing him with a platform to produce countless fabrications while slamming legitimate news providers, flanked by a rogue’s gallery of mainstream media hacks and career flunkies.


Another Twitter auditing site, Status People, rates Stelter’s fake followers even more problematic, citing only 43 percent as verifiable. That would mean 57 percent, or 236,000 of Stelter’s followers, are in the same category as 33,000 emails once belonging to Hillary Clinton.

Yikes. Glass houses.

What’s next, an ’embedded’ war correspondent blog from the Ritz Carlton with Brian Williams?

As for me, I don’t purchase fake twitter followers but I was attacked back in 2015. In case you don’t know, evil people can purchase followers for you without you knowing it in an attempt to get you banned on twitter for excessive loading action. This happened to me on February 23, 2015.

I use TweetDeck so I am aware of my followers and for about 3-4 hours, a lot of Russian names were being added to my twitter account.

At one point I had to lock my account which stops people from viewing my tweets but it stopped the onslaught of my account being loaded with Russian followers.

I tried to delete each and everyone but so many got through and it was time-consuming so I just stopped.

Stelter doesn’t have that problem. He’s projecting away from his own fake existence.

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