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CNN’s Blitzer To House Dem — Do You Still Have Enough To Impeach?

Now is the time of the opportunist representatives who will go on morning and evening news talk segments and give out their version of events to make themselves larger than life.

That’s what Rep. Eric Swalwell has been trying to do since being sent to the House. Joining CNN, a network dedicated to pushing lies about President Trump and his supporters is gravy on the potatoes for Swalwell, in my opinion.

Wolf Blitzer asked Swalwell about impeachment evidence and if there were enough to still go after Trump. That is the most pressing question of the day? Attorney General William Barr just dropped an investigation summary letter clearing President Trump of collusion and obstruction of justice and Blitzer wants to know about — impeachment material?

CNN’s Blitzer: So, are you suggesting, Congressman, that while there might not be enough evidence to establish a crime on the part of the President or others in the campaign involving collusion, there might be enough evidence to suggest your activity in the House of Representatives beginning with impeachment?”

Rep. Swalwell: “I don’t want to go there. I want to talk about counter-intelligence issues first. On the Intelligence Committee, we have to make sure any U.S. person, certainly all the way up to the President, has not worked with an adversary in a way that could jeopardize our national security.

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Professor Alan Dershowitz was right when he said CNN doesn’t care about being fair in their reporting, which most of us knew right from the start. America needs to boycott CNN’s programming until they return to the fold.

It wouldn’t take an act of God to make the move, but it would be lifechanging for those losing their jobs.

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