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CNN’s President Jeff Zucker Still Interested In Running For Office – AUDIO

Don’t make me laugh!

Here’s the deal. A lot of news personalities have appeared in movies of late and continue to show their faces on the silver screen. They have moved away from reporting news and are enjoying the spotlight, even with their evil ways.

If CNN President Jeff Zucker ran for office, he might win the liquor store vote and could very well pull in the doctor office vote but his network is so tainted with fake news, he doesn’t have a chance to sit in Congress.

CNN’s ratings have been lower than the Hallmark Channel. One in five Americans is affected by some type of mental disorder. Strange how that correlates with liberals representing 19% of Americans. No chance buddy.

CNN President Jeff Zucker appeared Monday on ‘The Axe Files,’ the CNN podcast with contributor and politico David Axelrod for an hour-long interview touching on a variety of topics including, of course, President Donald Trump and his feud with the network. But right near the end, Zucker dropped a bit of a surprise about his future: elections.

Axelrod asked him to close out the interview where he’d be in five years, and Zucker said he doesn’t know for sure where he’ll be. After a bit of banter, he dropped his hint for the next big thing.

“I still harbor somewhere in my gut that I’m still very interested in politics,” he said.

“You turned down an opportunity to work for Al Gore in 2000, you’ve talked in the past about potentially running for office…” prompted Axelrod.

“So I’m still interested in that,” said Zucker, “and it’s something that I’d be interested in.

Source: Mediaite

These news people are delusional. He might win a seat in one of those boutique districts where all his friends have pieds-a-terre, but certainly nothing more. They have no idea how out of touch they are.

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