CNN Analysts Keeps Calling Parkland Shooting “Nicholas Cage”

Thomas Fuentes has a problem, he doesn’t know Parkland mass shooter Nikolas Cruz from Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage.

Here is another fail by CNN to be relevant! One of their contributors was either too eager to speak on the Parkland mass shooting that he couldn’t think straight or he was just that incompetent to care what he was saying.

FUENTES: Well in this situation, they sent agents to talk to the person that made the call in the first place to the FBI reporting that it read this on YouTube from this Nicolas Cage, the posting that he was going to be a professional school shooter. Then they went to try to locate, they ask that person, do you know who that is? Is it a friend? Is it a neighbor? Is it someone you know? No, I don’t have any idea who that is.

This was the posting, that was the name used. So they go to that. Well people could post on YouTube from all of the world, using anybody else’s name. This could have been another friend of his that just knew that he was having mental problems and had guns. It could be anything. So they — they went around their databases to try to locate, do we have any information on a Nicolas Cage about doing something –“ [crosstalk]

KING: “Cruz. Nikolas Cruz. Nikolas Cruz.

How do you get this wrong? You are supposed to be an expert pundit speaking about things and giving your analysis, and you can’t even get this name correct! This is why CNN is at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to news organizations. They don’t care if they get it right, they just want to be the first to report something or act as if they are the big heads in the room.

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