CNN Reports Jerry Lee Lewis Died On Sunday; They Had One Job And They Messed That Up!

CNN had one job and they couldn’t even do that correctly. They’ve been attacking Donald Trump non-stop, when comedian great Jerry Lewis died on Sunday, they reported Jerry Lee Lewis passed away.

The only problem with this is, Jerry Lee Lewis is still alive.

Jerry Lewis has died at the age of 91.
Jerry Lee Lewis is alive and well at 81.

I am here to clarify since quite a few major news outlets don’t seem to know the difference between them, including CNN. Lewis was a true comedic legend, actor, entertainer, and humanitarian. CNN certainly owes Jerry Lee Lewis and his family an apology. Truly a disgrace.

This could be CNN’s way to get back at the legendary comedian who supported Donald Trump: Watch this video here:


Lewis then said that President Obama was “never prepared” for ISIS and suggested that he was not a real leader…

…The clip concludes with Lewis praising Trump for his “showmanship.”

“I think he’s great,” said Lewis of Trump. “He’s a showman and we’ve never had a showman in the president’s chair.”

“Well, we had Ronald Reagan,” Arroyo interjected.

“Well, that’s different,” answered Lewis. “You can’t make do a comparison on Ronald Reagan because I can do three hours on him with just praise, he was so good.”

CNN is still getting roasted over such as stupid mistake. If you believe they are the worst network around, SHARE this article and pour salt in their wound.

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