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President Trump Declares “Fake News CNN Is Dead” After More Failing Ratings

Pres. Trump hit CNN hard on Saturday afternoon with a booming tweet that will reverberate for the next few weeks.

That’s what happens when you stop reporting the news and start pushing some agenda. What a disaster that network has become. People are sick and tired of the garbage! If the market no longer supports CNN, let them go down in flames!

Source: Daily Caller

The data was released Wednesday and comes from the Nielsen Media Research Center, which shows Fox News reaching 2.38 million primetime viewers in May while competitors MSNBC and CNN trailed far behind.

CNN reached just 835,000 viewers by comparison. CNN and MSNBC also experienced drops in their number of total day viewers compared to previous months.

CNN has decided that they would rather destroy their network than report the news. I quit watching them a while ago. The sad part is — I use to watch CNN and believed them. Now I feel they played me for a fool. I will never in my lifetime trust them again. They violated my trust when they decided to promote their political propaganda, indoctrination, and manipulation as the news. They are dead to me.

Over primetime on Memorial Day weekend, more viewers were watching shows that included Robot Chicken, Naked and Afraid, and Flip this House than CNN. Fox can’t even see CNN in their rearview mirror. Amazing that a business, any business, would intentionally make themselves less popular and thus less profitable. Do they intentionally hire people with no business sense?

People just want the news. That’s all. Keep boycotting they should be gone in a couple of months. We don’t need to be told what to think about said news. For the love of turtles just give us the facts.

If CNN were not playing 24/7 at most airports, their ratings would be even lower. Must pay them a lot to keep them on the monitors, and still, their ratings are down.

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