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SO CRAZY! CNN Host Says There Wasn’t Enough Racial Resentment Talk In 2016 Election

This isn’t what you should expect out of a news network which is why CNN is losing viewers.

America, if you have time to watch these people, just remember, this is what we don’t need going into 2020.

America is about to turn a corner, and that corner is named progressive agenda. If the Dems are successful in trying to impeach Pres. Trump, they would have destroyed the rest of capital they have thus giving Republicans a win to continue to move the country forward.

We don’t need to go backward with race. Many of you are tired of race, and many of you are tired of the media shoving it in your face day after day. This country is not about race; it’s about a collection of people trying to make things better. Yes, we have the filthy beings who want to take us back to the racing era because they get paid to do it, but we don’t have to play their games.

There was not enough talk about racial resentment,” Stelter agreed. “We focused on a lot of financial anxiety and not racial anxiety.”

There were plenty of journalists focusing on racial resentment in 2016, including in these pages, but the mainstream media focused on “economic anxiety” to such an absurd degree that the term became a joking shorthand for the racial anxiety that studies show drove Trump’s success.

The implication from Finney and Stelter is that reporters and pollsters should not fall into the same trap as they cover the diverse slate of candidates that the Democrats are likely to produce.

Source: Mediaite

CNN is not in any place to tell America what they need after becoming one of the most hated networks in America. The only reason why they continue to get ratings is that they are on 24/7 in airports and liquor stores when people go to cash their checks.

Watch what they say to counter their failing narrative but don’t get wrapped up in their nonsense.

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