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CNN Lays Off More Employees — This Time, Health Unit Staffers

CNN is struggling, yet they refuse to come to terms with or correct the reason(s) for their downward spiral, yet they have the audacity to bring someone else’s mental health into question? Mind boggling!

CNN has made huge mistakes over the years, I remember when Candy Crawly openly sided with Barack Obama in a national debate with Mitt Romney. They also messed up by allowing one of their employees to give Hillary Clinton the debate questions in advance?

CNN doesn’t have a conscience, they will do anything & say anything to get the story. No Barriers they won’t cross. That’s why their drowning in their own lies! Truth…

We can confirm that a number of staffers from CNN’s Health Unit have been laid off.

In addition, CNN’s Southeast Bureau in Atlanta, CNN Health and CNN Climate will now be under one leadership, something that was not the case before.

We hear that neither Dr. Sanjay Gupta nor correspondent Elizabeth Cohen are part of the layoffs.

A CNN spokesperson confirms this reporting, telling TVNewser, “As part of the normal course of business, our newsgathering team made a small restructure earlier this week that ultimately impacts 6-7 employees within CNN’s Health Unit.” [Adweek]

Both CNN and MSNBC boosted their viewership with the Russian collusion delusion. Now that has been debunked their viewership has collapsed.

CNN’s ratings in April were dismal, lower than they’ve been in the past four years. It was one of their worst performing months in the history of the network, and many believe the beginning of the end for the network in its current form.

Despite CNN’s denial, staffers have been worried about potential layoffs since rumors began surfacing.

“CNN’s Southeast Bureau in Atlanta, CNN Health and CNN Climate will now be under one leadership, something that was not the case before,” Katz said.

The more than 100 CNN employees who decided to accept a voluntary buyout option included CNN International executive vice president Tony Maddox, who left the ratings-challenged network after 21 years. [Fox News]

People are smart whether they be conservative or progressive. They don’t want to watch a government propaganda machine that lies and airs fake news stories and that’s what CNN has unfortunately become.

There ought to be a law that requires all news outlets to be unbiased (just report facts, no opinions or false analytic narratives) when reporting on political matters. These so-called journalists seem to make a career of stoking hate for ratings. While I believe in freedom of speech, that should not apply to push clear propaganda in order to give one political party an advantage over the other. If news outlets can’t be unbiased, they should be shut down from reporting on political matters.

It is sad to see what used to be a good news outlet go so BAD. They are not journalists anymore, they are simply mouthpieces for the left and seem to lie all the time and always put a negative slant on anything Trump does. Come on folks ANYONE that denied that there is a border crisis is either insane or lying thru their teeth.

The left and the mainstream media are enemies of this great country and must be stopped.

I will stand and cheer the day they close their doors. No one watches CNN, we all know they are the primary driving force behind all of the fascism we see today.


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