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[VIDEO] CNN Travels to Michigan and Discovers ‘Impeachment’ is Pushing ‘On The Fence’ Voters to Support Trump LOL

Poor CNN, every time they leave their D.C. “safe space” they get smacked in the face with a reality shovel…America doesn’t hate President Trump and the only people foaming at the mouth are a few radical communists kooks.

The buffoons over at CNN once again learned this lesson the hard way, when they traveled to Michigan to ask voters what they thought about the (non) “impeachment.”

And it was glorious.

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Voters see this (no) “impeachment circus” for what it truly is –  just pure politics – Dems hate Trump and will do whatever they can to remove him.

The End.

But one guy in particular had the best response…

He voted for Trump back in 2016, but was thinking Biden might be a better choice in 2020….Until the impeachment fiasco started….Now, he’s 100% back to supporting Trump.

Hey, thanks, Democrats!

You can watch the video below:

Average Americans don’t care about phone calls to Ukraine. They were not dialed into the “Russia hoax,” and they’re even less “dialed into” this hogwash.

The economy is good, we’re not in any new war, Trump is taking care of trade and the border. Why on earth would any sane person support impeaching him?

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