LOL: CNN Creates “Impeachment Countdown Clock” and Gets Hilariously Mocked By Twitter

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait until this whole “Impeachment thing” blows up in the media’s face.

It’s kinda like watching a train coming down the tracks in in slow motion – you know what’s going to end up happening but it’s just gonna take a while to get there.

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While the rest of us sit here and wonder what the heck are the Dems and media so excited about, the TDS fools over at fake news CNN can hardly contain their excitement over the “impeachment” of President Trump.

They’re so excited, that they now have a “countdown clock” fixed on their screen.

The clock is more like an “Impeachment Ticker,” to be honest. It’s keeping track of which Democrats support impeachment. My favorite part of the entire design is the title written in red just above the gigantic number, that reads “number growing.”

Ha ha ha ha.

The ticker is absolutely absurd, and you’ll be happy to know that CNN received plenty of blowback for it!

Enjoy the tweets below!

“Jeez. CNN seems pretty excited for that “Impeachment countdown clock”

“I thought that was a count down of how many days CNN had left on air.”

“They should be very proud. The graphics are wonderful and you can distinctly see the number behind the anchor promoting this glorious event for the Democratic Party. Which we all know will crash and burn”

@cnn with the impeachment clock countdown running! No there is no bias there. There is no inquiry, there was no vote in the floor! Democrats will rue the day on this. Congress is not above the law. Congress needs a tune up. This is why if he is impeached it’ll be all out war!”

Once again, the Democrats and the media have overplayed their hand, and while they may not realize it now, this will all blow up in their faces and further erode the relationship between media and the American people even more – possibly beyond any repair at all.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the “CNN Impeachment Countdown Clock.”

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