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CNN Host Says Trump Has Sabotaged Patriotism; Claims He Wants You To Love Him Instead

Cupp said on S.E. Cupp Unfiltered Saturday, speaking about the aftermath of Trump’s speech on Fourth of July and the president’s invocations of patriotism.

Amongst all the trouble CNN is having with letting go of staff and now settling a $70 million lawsuit, S.E. Cupp Unfiltered host S.E. Cupp claimed Pres. Trump has “hijacked patriotism” in an effort for you to praise him instead of loving the country.

Cupp: “Trump has hijacked patriotism and I’m not here for it. When the president of the United States turns our democratic ideals on their head, ideals like a free press and free and fair elections, undermining them just to make himself look better, making us doubt our very best assets, he doesn’t want you to love America, he wants you to love him,”

“When the president of the United States demands abject, unwavering loyalty of members of Congress, people who pledged an oath to uphold the Constitution, not whatever he says, people who were elected to represent us, not him. When he weaponizes that loyalty, he’s saying above all else, even above America herself, you have to love me.”

“He can imagine he’s somehow responsible for our greatness. He has nothing to do with making America great and he has nothing to do with why we’re the best damned country on the planet.”

Does CNN ever wonder why nobody watches? Better yet, even care? Cupp starts her show in typical fashion with her hate Trump creed, then lobs in a few snide Hitler type comments, then adds a panel of Trump haters and the echo chamber roars in stereo.

It has to get old, don’t you think?


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