CNN Host Ask Trump Supporter To Defend President As A “Black Man”

CNN host Fredericka Whitfield asked Trump supporter to defend the President as a “Black Man” him supporting Roy Moore, and that set off the fireworks.

Whitfield knew better, but she decided to go the extra mile to include the mention of Paris Denard’s race.

CNN has been playing the race game for years, including their “Black In America” documentaries which showed the negative side of black culture instead of including many who were thriving and surviving without the help of the government.

Democrat A. Scott Bolden brought up a statement by Roy Moore when he talked about how families seemed a lot happier during slavery times which is highly debatable. I wouldn’t have agreed with Moore as I think he was trying to make a specific point but not a racist one.

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That was red meat for Democrats who will use that until the election on Tuesday and probably afterward. Bolden became the antagonist during the conversation which forced Whitfield to craft a scenario of Denard to defend Trump using his skin color.

Source: Mediaite

This led host Fredricka Whitfield to ask Dennard how he could defend “as a black man” the president supporting a man who “talked about days being great in the days of slavery.”

Before Dennard could respond, Bolden immediately shouted “he can’t” and pressed the CNN contributor to provide an answer. As Dennard tried to say this was inappropriate, Bolden kept at it.

“Let’s listen to him,” Bolden exclaimed. “Let’s listen to you trying to defend yourself as a black man with Donald Trump. Let’s hear it.”

“Scott, I really wish you would hold your tongue because you will not offend my race, my family and my culture and insinuating that my blackness is in question because I support this president,” Dennard shot back.

The CNN commentator then really began to raise his voice, stating that he will not be forced to defend his blackness as Whitfield tried to regain order. She told Dennard she wasn’t trying to get him to defend his race but wanted his response as a black man to Moore’s comments on slavery and Trump’s support of the Senate candidate.

Whitfield who asked Denard to use his skin color, then backtracked when Denard started showing anger while trying to answer the question.

Whitfield started off this video clip claiming Trump didn’t make a promise using the backdrop of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum calling it a missed opportunity. When Denard started mentioning George W. Bush and how he went to a couple of events that had urbanistic reflection, she said it wasn’t about the backdrop.

Whitfield also claimed Trump didn’t promise anything but here’s a little tidbit that everyone should remember, Trump and the Republican Party should never have to promise anyone anything except for what is in the constitution. Everything else you should desire and work for yourself.

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This is another classic case of hypocrisy by liberals. Unless you’re black and a liberal, you have no rights. Fortunately for black conservatives, they’ve been able to rid themselves of liberal oppression by not subscribing to the victimhood mentality.

Bolden did his liberal Democrat masters bidding well. Now he can go back to the liberal plantation in style and get an extra helping of butter biscuits.

What do you think should happen to the CNN host for conjuring up this race-baiting situation? SHARE your comments below.

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